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 Washington County, New York
Association of Street & Highway Officials

Our Mission


The Washington County Highway Association shall act as a medium of instruction in the conduct of highway construction and maintenance in the various towns throughout the County of Washington in the State of New York; to interchange ideas of the different members of the Association that each may gain from the experience of their colleagues; to coordinate the efforts of town superintendents in the interest of better highways and more efficient service by those serving in that capacity; to investigate, study, discuss and recommend generally, improvements in the government throughout the State of New York to advocate and support such legislation as may be for the betterment of the towns in the state and to use the influence of the members to oppose legislation not conducive to the best interest of the people of the State and particularly the towns thereof, at all times promoting the principle of Home Rule in the government of the several towns in the State of New York.

About Us 

The purpose of the Washington County Highway Association is to design, build, and maintain our taxpayer-owned infrastructure. Our department creates a positive work environment where all employees have the opportunity to experience satisfaction while striving to optimize the assets of our fellow taxpayers.

Our actions are driven by the wants, desires, and needs of the communities made up of our fellow taxpayers. We collectively and individually anticipate, understand, and affect change as we provide our taxpayers with quality infrastructure products and services. Our goal is to be the best. Our focus on safety, quality, environment, and service will allow us to be the best. Everyone associated with our department will be treated with dignity and respect. Our department will allow employees to work together safely while developing and improving their skills. Our success is rooted in the collective vision and dedication of our employees. Our department recognizes the need for cooperation in order to ensure overall community efficiency and strives to build long-term relationships with our employees, taxpayers, towns, villages, suppliers as well as the other departments of Washington County, New York. The highest regard for ethics and morality will guide all of our relationships and business decisions. Ensuring excellent value-driven service will be a measure for all our actions.

Washington County Safety Days

Prior to 2009, Washington County’s safety training consisted of 75 or more public works employees piled in a small garage while safety standards were spouted at them for several hours. As you can imagine, it was a dreaded day for employees and they retained very little.


When Phil Spiezio became the Washington County Safety Officer, he thought there had to be a better way to influence others and foster a culture of safety. The idea for ‘Safety Days’ was then born. With tremendous help and support from the Street and Highway Association, the event was created and has become a yearly staple that everyone looks forward to. All county, town, and village public works employees gather over the course of two days. They are divided into small groups which rotate through a series of interactive trainings and lectures, ranging anywhere from chainsaw safety to fire simulators! At the end of each day, the participants all come together for a huge lunch and have a chance to discuss the day's events.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Safety Days’ was unfortunately cancelled for 2020. Efforts are being made to host the event this year while still maintaining COVID-19 precautions, so keep an eye out!

We are so glad to announce that we had a successful and safe 2021 Safety Days! We did have to make some small changes, like adding an extra day and not being able to have all the extra activities. None the less it was a successful event that we were so glad to be able to host. We hope to get to bring back the activities we all missed (Hopefully next year). 

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