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Our History


A meeting was called for 8 pm, August 10, 1955, by Ralph C. McKernan, Washington County Highway  Superintendent. The purpose of this meeting was to see if there would be any interest in organizing an association of Town Superintendents of Washington County. There was 100% attendance at this meeting, and it was decided to go ahead and organize.


Roland C. Lufkin, of the Town of Jackson, was elected as president; William Hughes as vice president; Arch Craig of Hebron, secretary, and Joseph Gillis, of the Town of Cambridge, treasurer. 

It was decided to have another meeting and draw up some bylaws and form some committees. The meeting was to be the following month, September 21, 1955. 

The association was fortunate to have made the acquaintance, though some of its members, of Russell G. Carrie, who was the secretary of the superintendent's association in his county of Erie. Mr. Carrie mailed our organization a copy of their bylaws. From this copy, our organization drew up our bylaws. These were presented and adopted on September 21, 1955. At this same meeting, committees were formed for the year and the association was off to a good start. It was decided to hold our meeting on the last Wednesday of each month. 


The original members of the original association were the following superintendents: Argyle- Lester Lufkin, Cambridge- Joseph Gillis, Dresden- Otto Ottenburg, Easton- Harold Snell, Fort Ann- Alfred Gale, Fort Edward- Bill Culligan, Granville- William Hughes, Greenwich- Neil Carswell, Hampton- Malcolm Brown, Hartford- William Thomas, Hebron- Arch Craig, Jackson- Roland Lufkin, Kingsbury- Charles Geer, Putnam- Glenis Barber, Salem- Stewart Weaver, White Creek- Francis Watkins, Whitehall- Frank Martucci. Other Association members were Ralph C. McKernan, Washington County Highway Supt, George Norton, Construction Foreman; Floyd Friday, N.Y. State District Engineer; and the county engineers or surveyors.


One of the highlights of the Association’s activities each year is to take tours during the summer months. On these tours we have each year, some of the state men from the Department of Public Works that are connected with the Erwin Plan have joined too. We have traveled over roads built under the ten-year plan so that every Erwin Plan road that has been built in Washington County has been covered. Also, we looked at bridges built on State highways and County highways.


After the Association had been organized for one year, we decided to have a banquet to celebrate our success. We sold ads for a brochure. This has kept our Association in money to pay our expenses.


At the first banquet, we had Charles John Stevenson of Cambridge, NY, and WGY as our guest speaker. Music was played by Madaline JaReau during dinner. The invocation was by Rev. Russell Edgerton of Greenwich and the benediction by Rev. Harvey Desautels of Whitehall. The banquet was held at the Kingsbury Hotel, Hudson Falls. 


The second banquet was held at the Masonic Temple in Fort Edward on November 25, 1957. The President of the year was Frank Martucci of Whitehall. Malcolm Brown was vice-president; Ralph Donavan secretary; and Harold Snell, treasurer. Honorable William J. Reid, New York Assemblyman, was master of ceremonies. The invocation was made by Rev. Andrew of Greenwich. The music was by Sally Huffer. The speaker of the evening was Mr. Vibert Ostrander from N.Y.D.P.W.  Entertainment was by the Blodgett Family and the benediction was by Rev. Kenneth Doyle, of Fort Edward. Between this year and the last, the appointed Supt. of Argyle, William Hellmich died. Mr. Doumont was appointed to fill the office.

The third banquet was held at the same place as the year before on November 13, 1958, at 7:30. The president for the year was Joseph Gillis of Cambridge. The Master of Ceremonies was Theodore Buckley, Supervisor of the Town of Cambridge. The invocation was by Rev. Andrew Curver of Greenwich and the speeches were by Mr. Erwin Hart of N.Y.D.P.W. Entertainment was the Solfegians and the benediction was by Rev. Francis Hoar of Fort Edward. During the year, Lester Lufkin was re-elected to office in Argyle.


The fourth annual banquet was held November 17, 1959, at the American Legion Hall in Fort Ann. The president for the year was Glennis Barber of Putnam; Alfred Gale was vice president; Malcolm Brown, secretary; and Lester Lufkin treasurer. Master of Ceremonies was Robert Allen of Fort Ann. Invocation by Rev. Andrew Lurrier of Greenwich. The after-dinner speaker was Mr. Edward W. Dayton, Deputy Chief Engineer of the State of New York. The entertainment was a quartet called “The Northway Men.” Benediction by Rev. Andrew Gardner.


Our fifth annual banquet was held in the same place as the year before on November 15, 1960. The president for the year was Alfred (Dick) Gale; with Malcolm Brown, vice-president; Lester Lufkin, secretary; and Jesse Randall, treasurer. About 100 attended the banquet. The speaker of the evening was State Trooper Sarg. J.T. Harrison, who spoke on highway safety. The invocation was by Rev. Allen Bain, Pastor of the United Protestant Church by Fort Ann. The entertainment was a magician from Glens Falls, NY, Jack T. Disbrow. The Benediction was given by Rev. Father Andrew Gardner of St. Ann’s Church in Fort Ann.


Perhaps one of the most interesting evenings of the years were the nights we had our women to a banquet. These were held as follows:

1957-Mr. Newt Williams Entertainment

1958- Masonic Temple, Fort Edward

1959- Argyle Fire House, Dancing Girls 

1960- Hartford Fish & Game  

1962- W. Hebron Parish Church Gale Club

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